Genç Cazcılar

What the hell is Genç Cazcılar?

We define ourselves as a volunteer community of jazz addicts who would like to organize projects to guide young jazz musicians in their career path.
Our team of academics, professional managers and jazz addicts give consultancy to governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, festivals and jazz clubs on a non-profit basis.

There are more jazz musicians in Turkey than you might guess. Jazz history goes back to 1940s in our country. Beside the experienced musicians who proved themselves abroad as well, there are young ones coming up with their hearts set on jazz.

While working to increase the jazz activities in Turkey, we try to encourage young jazz musicians to take more and more place in these activities. We aim to help young jazz musicians to reach important data regarding their careers. We introduce important jazz schools of the world in JAZZ, the only jazz magazine published in Turkey.

Our projects

Amateur Jazz Musicians Festival is a special festival where only artists with an amateur interest in jazz are invited. Eskişehir, the industrialized and lively city with the biggest university in Turkey, is welcoming the festival for the 7th time in 2009. Young jazz artists gain valuable experince via the workshops, interviews and jam sessions in this festival for which our team provides consultancy and organizational support.

CazAjanda is an online calendar featuring all the concerts, interviews and workshops of Turkish jazz musicians within Turkey and abroad.

Caz Postası is an e-newsletter keeping track of jazz events in Turkey. We send the newsletter every other week to jazz addicts who would (or would not) like to receive jazz news.

Ajanzz is a nonprofit agency that focuses on professional publicity activities of young jazz musicians. It provides free agency service and consultancy on issues like copyrights, public relations and legal issues.

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